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BrieucC artist - BrieucC artiste - Kinetic art - art cinétique

Biography, philosophy & artistic approach

Born in Brussels on August 24, 1976, BrieucC grew up in an artistic background, He was taught drawing and painting as a child following the Martenot method. He gradually developed a sensory approach to art, learning to balance shapes, volumes and colours.

Fascinated and attracted by light from the beginning, it is for BrieucC an essential element in his artistic approach.

It is in 2013 that he conceives and realizes his first work integrating light. The first piece of its kind, « The Door » is highly symbolic to BrieucC, marking the start of a new life. He decided to continue down this path, impelled by a deep urge to create, again and again. It is obvious to him that he chooses to devote himself entirely to the development of his art and to his profession as an artist.


Creator of his own artistic technique, his style is quite unique and recognizable.

His work is resolutely pure and contemporary and is part of kinetic and optical art.

Movement, light and colors

Consisting of combinations of straight lines (cuts), BrieucC's luminous works create surprise and questioning. From the beginning, his research focuses on movement, light and colors. The artist proposes works that evolve in space and time. The spectator brings the work to life by moving in front of it, making the light appear or disappear, creating chromatic effects or suggesting a movement of the work itself.

The kinetic, the optical and the contemplative

His work can be classified into three distinct artistic directions: kinetic, optical and contemplative.

Each of these directions has its own particularity and its own artistic intention.

The artist's works really come to life when the light shines on them, revealing what they are, which is when he calls them and describes them as true
"living works". The latter offer the possibility to everyone to get in touch with them, by simply contemplating them or by interacting with them in movement. He then considers that there is a real relationship between the work and the viewer, who is the driving force behind it.

Only movement and our ability to open up to other fields of vision allow us a more complete understanding of a certain reality"

Nothing is ever perceived from the only place we look. In response to this, BrieucC proposes to consider different points of view. Through his work and the experience that we can make of it, he pushes us to displacement, to change to perceive more.

Artistic technique

Entirely realized by him in his studio, the works of BrieucC are the concretization of a reflection and a precise and rigorous work.

His artistic process originates in drawing : successive and numerous sketches and drafts explore the subject while complying with the technical requirements of this specific artform.

His work is extremely precise and to obtain the desired results in his kinetic works, BrieucC uses and resorts to mathematics. These allow him to take into account the different parameters necessary to calculate the angles, to the tenth of a degree, for each of his cuts.

Thanks to mathematics, he plays on the space in which his works evolve by determining different virtual points of vision in order to obtain the optical effects that he has previously imagined.

He then creates the preparatory drawings and the numerous cutting marks directly on the wooden panel. Then, he cuts each line according to the angles previously calculated. BrieucC’s artwork requires utter calm and concentration : each piece is carved from a single section of wood, which is cut manually with millimeter-exact preciseness.

Once these cuttings are finished and the finishing touches are made (several stages of sanding and painting) BrieucC can then integrate the background of the work: another artistic creation made from either acrylic paint on wood panel, or digital printed creation for the optical works.

Concerning the latter, the chromatic nuances and tones visible through the cuts evolve in the movement and are, as for the whole of its creations, the result of the combination of the setting in light, the cuts and the artistic composition which constitutes the bottom of work.


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