Creation & light


« A quest for light, the source of life and inspiration. This light lies at the heart of each work of art, breathing in life and revealing its true nature »

« Experience each piece, let yourself be impregnated by its light, shapes and colours. And in turn, bring each piece to life by shifting your point of view or simply contemplating it : that is when the magic operates…

Bon voyage ! »

Biography, philosophy & artistic approach

Born in Brussels on August 24, 1976, BrieucC grew up in an artistic background, He was taught drawing and painting as a child following the Martenot method. He gradually developed a sensory approach to art, learning to balance shapes, volumes and colours.

Thirty years later, he adopted a new creative approach, putting light at the centre of his artwork. The first piece of its kind, « The Door » is highly symbolic to BrieucC, marking the start of a new life. He decided to continue down this path, impelled by a deep urge to create, again and again.


He therefore determined to dedicate himself entirely to art and its production.

Both precise and meticulous, BrieucC is a self-taught artist in this specific discipline. He has gradually refined his artistic technique, learning to combine woodwork, drawing, mathematics, painting and lighting.

To him, light and creation are inseparable : one cannot exist without the other.

A symbol of life, hope and freedom, white light reveals his artwork from the inside out.

Light is essential to BrieucC’s artistic approach, enhancing his work and ultimately revealing its true nature.

The artist’s work truly comes to life as light shines through it, revealing its essence. These « living works of art » draw the observer into a dynamic experience, whether in static contemplation or by moving to expand the interaction. BrieucC believes in an essential and driving relation between each piece and its observer.


​At times conceptual and at others figurative, these works of art have a sleek and contemporary style.  

BrieucC harnesses light through a combination of lines, colours and contrasts, causing surprise and interrogation.

Nothing is fixed, all is a matter of angles, viewpoints, interpretation and personal vision.

Artistic technique

BrieucC creates his pieces of art in his workshop : each is the fruit of a long reflection on a subject that inspires him.

His artistic process originates in drawing : successive sketches and drafts explore the subject while complying with the technical requirements of this specific artform.


The work is extremely precise : in order to attain the desired effect, BrieucC resorts to mathematics. This allows him to determine which specific cutting angles will produce the most surprising visual effects.


Thanks to this precise technique, he can also use the space surrounding his works, setting different viewpoints to multiply optical effects.

BrieucC’s artwork requires utter calm and concentration : each piece is carved from a single section of wood, which is cut manually with millimeter-exact preciseness.

Once he has concluded the cutting and put the finishing touches to the woodwork, BrieucC can turn to colouring and painting the piece, and finally arrange its lighting.​

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